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Eyy woman, Are your breasts the size of watermelons or little lemons? are you 'ripe and ready' yet? ... All doubts on such questions will be cleared after a walk at the merine drive, kochi without any male combany and the comment adi will enlighten you. No part of the female anatomy is spared by the average male mallu eye- be it college payyans or naughty ungils.


(Well meaning) Amma: Mole, isn't that top a littil too tight? watch out, u might get some comment adi, ok?
(Bold) Mol: bleddy hell, I will whack him with my umbarlla and punj him in the face.
(stunned) Amma: Ayyo! ente bhagavathy!
Jason: Da, vaa da!! that jaada lucy is coming..lets do some commend adi..
Johnkutty: Da, she is that Dreamson's pennu (girl) only. He will break awar bones.
Added 2011-08-05 by Kochu kalli