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The generally freely offered small quantity of sodas like Coke or Pepsi etc in a 'stand-and-drink' wine shop to make cheaper but hard to swallow local alcohols palatable. It goes without saying such wine shops have more crowds than those offering only fried gram pr peas as freebies.


Kesto: Oi brother. Put some more color. This brandy is too hard today. Or did you mix up something else like iskotch?
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Used by older family members to describe those who according to them are fair and lovely (read: beeauutiful!). Nothing is worse than going over to greet family (specifically toothless grannies) after a long time with the tormenting thought that you will be publicly greeted with a needling comment about how the sun has taken away all the beauty that you ever possessed!


Granddaughter: Nita's little girl is so dusky and beautiful no nani?

Grandmother: Are you blind or what!? That child has no colour! Fortunately the father's side has some, they are all white as snow. Ahh anyway let us see when she grows up if she is lucky to get her father's side colour!

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