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Short for "Cash On Delivery". India is a land of utter convenience for the customer: you make a phone call to buy something (whether it is a single sutta or an Akai TV), and it is duly delivered to your doorstep on trust alone, with the expectation that you will give COD once the goods/services have been accepted into your home. In the age of e-commerce, COD has morphed into modern India's modern solution to the plague of credit card and identity theft so rampant in online transactions; instead of jeopardizing the safety of your plastic when you buy books from Flipkart or train tickets from Yatra, you can now go in for COD, thereby satisfying your material cravings, helping the Internet economy boom, and keeping hundreds of delivery boys employed, all from the comfort of your own home.


Payment options on a shoe-buying website:
- Mastercard credit card
- Visa credit card
- Diners Club credit card
- Bank of Baroda debit card
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