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\clay - pss\
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It was the fairest and holiest for kids to find a denner in a game of ice spice of hide n seek. And sometimes even to make teams in a game of cricket. It mainly followed the following steps.

Step 1 - gather few friends to play hide n seek.
Step 2 - make the universal shout '' come ra cleps we'll put''
Step 3 - everyone gather in a circle and place one of each of their hands on top of each others (like they show in english before a team goes into a game)
Step 4 - some one take the initiative to shout majority wins.
Step 5 - the top of the palm is black and inside is the white. Which ever side is more in number those ppl step out.
Step 6 - make a mildly racial joke abt one of ur friends who's dark skinned and that both sides are black for him. (doesn't count as racism cause ur still 10 and u dono what that is.)
Step 7 - one among the guys who went out becomes the jaw-mendor( most imp in the process)
Step 8 - jaw-mendor makes a call for the remaining ppl '' copies out, ddiscopies not out'' one who falls pray to the call is out and becomes denner.

Usually this process takes lesser time than the description but is part of the thrill of playing the game.


kullla - come ra we'll put cleps
Group runs and puts cleps
Tinga - Majority wins!!
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Primitive form of rock-paper-scissor used to decide who the denner is before a group game like ice-spies.. Iterative process where all kids place one palm on top of other kids' hand and remove it all at once to face upwards or downwards - till only one odd hand remains facing palm upwards or downwards.


Come da.. Lets put cleps first.
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