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phulka, plain roti, dry roti, or any of these generic unleavened flat wheat breads, cooked on a griddle without oil.


“My Mrs. is on a strict diet these days because of BP and cholesterol. At night she will eat only chukka rotti and vegetables. No doubt it is a strain for her, but what to do? It is difficult to feel satisfied without rice and curds, but she is managing.”
“What do you eat? The rest of the family, I mean? Have you changed over to rotis as well?”
“No, no. She makes all regular type of food for all of us. Only she will eat chukka rotti. “
“That doesn’t sound fair, uncle. Why does she have to cook two separate meals at night?”
“It is not like that. She will cook yeverything the same but just make chukka rottis additional for herself. She does not mind. Anyhow she is habituated to kitchen work.”
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