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Refers to a continuous line of helpful students sitting side by side, forming a virtual highway for chit passing in class. Said helpful students are the main channel of written communication for most of the class during a boring 2 hour lecture which requires pin drop silence, or else. Such highways are usually to be found towards the last few rows of a college classroom.

There exists an unwritten agreement amongst the nonchalant backbenchers that all chits or small written notes will be discreetly passed along and ultimately reach those they are intended for, safe from the evil Sauron-like eye of the teacher.

To be a part of the chit highway is not for the faint of heart or mugpots; getting caught by an alert teacher could mean everything from a severe tongue lashing to calling of fother-mother to meet HOD. Most trustworthy chit highwayguys and gals are those who often embody a Kiss my Kachcha attitude when it comes to the faculty. Never, ever should a mugpot be given a chit to pass, they are mostly puskees and petrified of getting into a teacher's bad books, so they will read it and keep it to themselves rather than risk getting caught. Such mugpots often lack the slight of hand and poker-face necessary to avoid even being suspected by the teacher while a chit is en route via them.


"Today the chits highway was really busy ra! I must have passed along twenty or thirty chits in just one class."
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