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Someone who sticks to you like glue. And you just can't stand it.

Known to cause great irritation in folks who like their space. Only known way of dealing with persistent chipkoos is to be blunt - they rarely respond to hints!


Shweta : "What are you reading?"

Jaya : "Textbook, studying for exams. Listen I'll catch up with you later, I want to finish this chapter."

Shweta : "Ok. Hey, look what I got - Maggi! Come, you can help me make it now and we can eat lunch together."

Jaya : "Thanks, but I'm not hungry. Talk to you later, enjoy your maggi lunch."

Shweta : "Hmmm. Hey! Can I come to the store with you later today?"

Jaya : "Umm... sorry, but no. I'm going with another friend. Ok I HAVE to get down to studying now. Bye!"

Shweta : "Arrey even better, you can introduce me to your friend. What's she like? We'll all go have coffee after that."

Jaya, losing it : "Shweta, do you know what 'chipkoo' means, by any chance?"

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