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Noun. July 30, 2011, Word of the Day


Famous fried chicken dish served in Bangalore, Chennai, and other mostly South Indian cities. A popular late-night snack at Hotel Empire once bars have shut in Bangalore.

The origin of the name is contentious, with several 'hotels' laying claim to be the home of the original Chicken 65. The popularity of the dish has lead to a proliferation of copycat chickens, such as Chickens 78, 82, and 90. Nobody can really tell you what the number means. Simsimply you have to belt it off, that's all.


Macha 1: Some Chicken 65 would hit the spot with this beer. Do you think Empire is still open?
Macha 2: What about Imperial? Or the Military Dhaaba?
Macha 1: No, those fellows don't have the virginal one.
Added 2011-07-06 by Borax Babu

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Chicken 65

\Chik-kan sisty-fai\
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Noun. June 20, 2014, Word of the Day


A chicken dish served most popularly in south indian hotels like Hotel Empire, Velu Miltary etc. The chicken 65 masala is dangerously orange, even putting Jersey Shore participants to shame.

The name originated, when the dish was created by the famous Madras hotel Buhari's, and was the 65th item on the menu.


Amit: Lets each some chicken-shicken yaar
Senthil: Okay, best-u, I will get you Chicken 65 from Buharis
Amit: Chicken 65? Abeyaar, what is this now?
Senthil: Dai, it is the worldfamous south indian chicken da!
Added 2012-06-23 by livetimefe