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Beating/spanking/thrashing. In some cases, it can refer to a verbal lashing. Literally means "to get beaten with shoes". Regularly employed by Punjabi grannies to scare little Punjabi brats into submission after they have done some kirik. This word is often heard along with the other favourite for reprimands in the Punjab, khota.


Open Scene. Snotty Little Brat has eaten up all the butter in the house, leaving none for making greasy, cholesterol ridden aloo paranthas for lunch. Which leads to much galata, especially since there's no "home-delivery in 30 minutes or free pizza" funda in the scenic village.

Granny, incensed with rage, to Snotty Little Brat : Oye khotey, tenoo teh main dabb ke chittar pheraangee! (You idiot, I'm going to give you one heck of a whooping!)

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Punjab, Delhi

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