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Chest-of-drawers - commonly written as chest-o'-drawers -
Pre-decessor of the modern day cupboards- usually an old, heavy, teak-wood contraption which has a set of drawers top to bottom. On the top are two drawers side by side, which were used to store all kinds of knicknacks- a typical drawer could have hundreds of forks, spoons, knives of all shapes and sizes. The lower drawers were single - often 4 feel long, used to store all kinds of large items that were too big to fit into the smaller ones. The large size of drawers invariably gave you a strained muscle if you pulled too hard to open them - inevitable in the monsoon when the wood expanded and the drawer got stuck in an awkward half open half closed position and refused to move in or out despite our best efferts


What men, why dont you keep dem new plates in the chest-o-drawers?
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