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Derived from the Hindi phrase "sasth aur masth", the English phrase Cheap and Best describes the Valhalla of all consumer choices in India...

Not only is something *cheap*. But it is also the *best*. Whatay combo!

In reality, something becomes *best* simply because it is pretty good and entirely within budget. Paisa vasool

Regular people say this, and it is not derogatory.
(thanks Dindigal)


A: Macha Where do you want to take your girlfriend for dinner?
Boy: I thought about rolls at Fanoos'. Cheap and best!
A: Sakkath!

Girlfriend: If you are going to be such a Kanjus makkhichus you will soon have a lau failure

Boy: No no, doorling it was a joke. Let us go to Windsor Manor
Girlfriend: Soooo sweet of you ya!

Added 2011-07-11 by Kannadoggy

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Something of low price and good quality. This combination is very important for lots of people who dont have enough money to spend.


"We ate biryani at the hotel nagarjuna, cheap and best food ya!"
Added 2011-07-07 by Dindigal

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ultimate aim of indian shoppers !


lets go and buy clothes for divali...
ok .. from nalli kadai -- cheap and best !
Added 2011-08-31 by lexpraxis