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Security guard. Has roots in the word 'Chaukanna', which means alert. Can refer to day and night guards.

Day Guards are a varied bunch, they range from docile old men to aggressive fat ones. North Indian day guards are especially nasty specimens, simply because they want 50 rupees just to let you into the bank they're guarding (Logic, you must have come to the bank because you have pots of money, so you might as well part with some of it).

Night guards, in sharp contrast, are a vastly more entertaining and relaxed bunch. Their primary responsibility is to loaf around a designated residential area and pantomine as protectors of the innocent so that the residents can sleep without the fear of a break-in. In reality, they like to spend time boozing or snoozing, coming awake only to shuffle off on a reluctant round or two of the premises while bellowing their signature catch-phrase, Jaagte Rahooooooo . All it does is inform would-be robbers that the guard has passed by their hiding place and won't be back for a couple of hours. (Wheeeeeeeee!!! Mr. Chaddha is going to be missing an a/c unit or two in the morning.)


"That chaukidar outside X Building is such a pain, he whacked me on the head because I refused to give him my watch!"
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