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Flip flop /Slipper thief
Chappals are fundamental footwear to any Indian.Every member in a household has an individual pair of chappals.
The chappal chor of the household has a penchant for using other members' chappals without permission.
Chappal chor are likely to steal other members' chappals for the following reasons:
1.Laziness or out of need:Convenience of taking others' chappals rather than wasting effort looking for one's own pair.
2.Unsuccessful in resisting impulses to use siblings' belongings
3.Gratification or pleasure of annoying a sibling by stealing his/her chappals

If a Chappal chor repeatedly steals chappals (even outside his own home),it is likely to be a case of kleptomania.


Sister: Bhaiya is such a chappal chor.He keeps stealing my Bata chappals.
Mother: You can wear his for the time being.Your footsize is the same.
Sister: Oh Please!His Paragon chappals are dirty and stinky.Goofy(dog) has eaten almost half of the left slipper.
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