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Bengali word used to describe unmanageable , out of control youth .. in the recent past though the word changra has been used to define a lifestyle similar to that of what rock and roll musicians in the 80's did well...almost !! Changra the term is most often used to connote Unruly boys ! lungi beedi party , Loafer boys etc . the word changra can also be teamed up with other words when trying to prove their lewd or unruly or socially un acceptable applications . The word changra is also used to imply some situations which can very enjoyable like an out of control party or a mad dance ! The word changra graphically very at par with vibes of the street dance down south and kutthu songs.


Biren : The people in this school are too Changra for my taste .

Joy : Look at the girl **changra whistle** :used to denote a lewd whistle: made towards a girl !

Kochu : Ei saala Changra Chele (boy)

Topa : Man this ringa ringa song wants me to do the Changra dance !

Mala : Im not going into that bar it is full of Changra Public

Rupa : Look at the bunch of jobless changra boys sitting and doing nothing all day !

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