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Its a crowded railway station in India. Dadar, for instance. Or the Island Express that has stopped at Palakkad Junction. It's early in the morning. Yawn. Mummy, Daddy, Chintu & Pinky peer out of the window, taking in the cacophony. Hunger strikes. Mummy had the foresight to pack poori-palya & curd rice in a 3-tiered steel dabba, but that was so last night. You hear the breakfast parcel guy yelling ''IdliDosavadaupmavelleppamsipsayyyyyahh!'' Yummy yummy hot-hot Indian Railways breakfast. But nothing will satisfy you until a hot cup of your favourite morning beverage has slid down your throat.

Strain your ears. Sift through the myriad sounds. Look deep into the crowd. Aaah! There he is!! Dad waves his long arms at a man yelling:

Chaaya chaaaaaaaaye!!

The tea-vendor winds his way to you through the crowd, pours piping hot tea from his old dented kettle into 4 disposable glasses and hands it in through the bars of the train window. Dad pays him 20Rs & all of you sit back & enjoy..

He disappears into the throng but you can hear him until your train chugs out of the station:
Chaaya chaaaaaaaaye!! Chaaya chaaaye...!! Chaaya chaye.....!! Chaya chaa......


Chaaya chaaaaaaaaye!!
Group of Kedarnath pilgrims: arre bhai, 20 chayas dena!
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