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Warning!!! Warning!!!
An anaphrodisiac spice if consumed in larger doses per 'street-lore' in Karnataka, and most of South India.

This fragrant and flavorful spice is grown in Kerala and Karnataka States of India in substantial quantities, pods of which have a prominent position in the spice cabinets of every home in South Asia, commonly used in the kitchens in most other parts of Asia, and occasionally in the rest of the world.

Nepal, Bhutan, Central America, East Asia and Australia are among the other major growers,

The spice is called Yela in Sanskirit, Yelakki/Yalakki in Kannada, and ilaichi or elaichi in Hindi/Urdu.

The spice is an essential component of;
+ Indian lemonades, sherbaths, several other home-made fruit juices and drinks.
+ Sweets and deserts: Kheer, coconut burfi, obbattu, jamoon, sheera/kesribath, candies, biscuits.
+Cooking of some curries and rice dishes including biryanis,
+Masala tea, badam milk.
+Pan(betel leaf-arecanut).
+Native medicines for easing respiratory and digestive symptoms and in balms like Amruthanjan and Tigerbalm


Young men pop a few seeds of cardamom in the mouth if they can't get hold of any 'halls' or 'mintey' to hide cigarette/alcohol smells from their fathers.

But they do not realize that their fathers themselves did the same thing as youngsters and they actually know the boys' elaichi smell is a perfect giveaway- a glaringly conspicuous camouflage.

Knowing full well that inadvertent Cardamom consumption could compromise their virility, Kerala men have altogether stopped drinking ground water or runoff water in the cardamom belts.

Instead, they drink KaLLu, toady( toddy ), celebrations, and beer whenever they feel thirsty, which is all the time(tonty four hours).

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