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It is well known that Rajnikanth reduced Chuck Norris to a joke on the internet. It is equally well known that thalaivar's email id is" class="indict"> But, there is one thing that even the great Rajnikanth cannot do. There is one thing even quick gun murugun cannot do. There is one thing even Balayya cannot do.

What it is?? None of them can give a shock to electric current I say. The one and only Captain Vijaykanth can do that. Also, if James Bond can fight badass villains without so much as getting a wrinkle on his tuxedo, our Captain can fight do pulti and thulp goondas without his lungi ever falling off (Thank God !).


James Bond : The name's Bond, James Bond.
Vijaykanth : You can call me Captain, Karuppu MGR or Puratchi Kalaignar if you can pronounce it.
Added 2011-10-20 by Thikka Kobbu