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Being Indian, the one thing we don't ever shun is education. For the marginally gifted among us, institutions of higher learning are still unfortunately within our grasp, all through the magic of capitation.

Since the time of Taxila all the way until present era Nandela, Indian parents have been recorded donating exorbitant sums of hard-earned black money (well, in earlier times, it was illicitly acquired, undeclared, harder to hide heads of cattle) just to persuade dubious institutions to take educational custody of their misguided progeny for a period of at least four years (any less and it becomes a diploma-shiploma, with much lower dowry-showry prospects)

Post-payment, such parents wander around headless (decapitated, you see) but giddy with the knowledge that the products of their loins will soon find profitable endeavors that can be tapped into later in life, for the all important purpose of retirement, during which phase wittier parents have been observed cracking poor jokes about "capitalizing" on their kids' success.


"Dr. Tamilchelvam, Please admit idiot son and give him a wholesome education!"
"Dei, stop picking your nose, remove your bloody headphones and say `Hello Uncal'"

"Hello Uncal"

"Sir, I freely admit your son is an idiot but for actual college admission, haha, there's capitation fees involved. Surely you understand"

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