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Also 'I could not able' to define another phrase just like this one; mustinshould. They simply defy any definition. However, all hope is not last. At least until my last breath. Don't be in a hurry for that. But one thing seems clear. Tamils would always make sure that the gist of their expression will never be missed by its recipient even if he/she/it is dead or totally deaf, by these two techniques: 1. generous decibel levels 2. repetition of the key word. see must and should.( they might be SEO geniuses ). Probably they simplistically substituted other modal verbs like 'can' and 'could' for verb 'am' as in 'I am not able to.'


Sorry da, I can not able to come to the meeting before time because Siva could not able to give me the ride he had promised and lissen one more thing, he had able to pick that Cindy up although it was not planned.
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