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Refers to the ubiquitous Tata Indica brand of cars that ply the cities at all times. Used to ferry the vast majority of the salaried employees of the city who work for IT companies as IT professionals to and from their place of work which is approximately 30 Km away from their residences. These cab drivers have a reputation of driving as they please and breaking all traffic rules as they go about earning their bread. Any form of admonishing by a other commuters on their errant driving is not tolerated and a rude reply is reserved for such people.


I.M Naidu : Hey how do you comute to work ra? I go by cab to Setyam.

V.R Reddy : o cab aa?? You must work in night shift. I go by bus only ra. Be careful ra. Last week one cab driver slept off while driving and the cab almost hit a few pedestrians sleeping on the pavement. Luckily the cab came to a halt when it hit a pile of sand dumped on the road for a house construction.

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