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A term used to define anyone of particular ultimate physical perfection (especially related to the face). It is often used for the female gender, but is increasingly being used to describe males also. The terms goes on to often become a part of the larger phrase: Byooty on Dyooty, where Dyooty = Duty...
It is often also used as a informal term for endearment.


Mahalakshmi: Seetha, I look nice-aa in this chunni (read. Dupatta)?
Seetha: Yes, ma, my Mahalakshmi... you are a byooty wonly (read only)!
Mahalakshmi: Eyy! You be qwite... I am byooty isseems... you wonly are one byooty on dyooty... where I am comparison?
Both Mahalakshmi and Seetha giggle to glory's end :)
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