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The ‘bush’ is an old Colonial term that refers to the unsettled parts of the country including the jungles. A ‘bush shirt’, as has pointed out, is half a safari suit (again, that colonial shikar jargon) worn possibly when going into the bush for a shikar.
Over time the term ‘bush shirt’ started to be used to refer to plain old shirts as well.

Depending on the style and cut, it can sometimes look like the top half of a “safari suit” — another popular garment in India, especially among bureaucrats.

Back in the day… the sahibs used to wear “bush shirts”… and some people still refer to it that way...

And no its got nothing to do with george bush


In the olden days if you were to be a “shikari babu”, you would wear a “bush-shirt” to jungle...and flirt with english mems....
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