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Bullshitting, Reel, Olu, Bakwaas.
Literal meaning of this Kannada word is head, the khopdi(Hin) or thaley(Kan).

Creativity that resides in the head of man that facilitates extraordinarily fabricated and unbelievably imaginative cock and bull stories to be created in order for the creator to believe that he is being believed, gives us the term 'burudey'.

If you think this description itself has the look and feel of 'burudey', then the entry became consummate and conveyed what it had to.
if it went over your 'head' then again it became consummate because nobody ever tries to pay any attention to 'burudey' and so, it always goes over one's 'head' and so it has successfully conveyed what it had to. Thank you and Thank you.


"If Blade Blase is coming to the party, I am not! . I can't take his 'burudey' stories. He is 100% 'burudey' paa."
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