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Filipinos call Indians and other sub continentals 'bumbay'. Obviously derived from Bombay, it simms at one time there was a large Indian population in the Philippines, mostly Parsi and guju traders from what was then called the Bombay presidency.
It is supposed to be derogatory and apparently we are to be offended or ashamed when some Pinoy calls us Bumbay or Bumbai.


Juan Talong - Hey you know what, we call you Indians bumbay in the Philippines!! ha ha ha ha! bumbay!!!

Paneerselvam - Hmm... In India we don't really care for your country so we call ya'll what we call all you chini-japani types, 'chinki'. And by the way isn't it ironic that the name of your country starts with an 'F' sound while you pinoys can't even pronounce 'F' and instead pronounce it 'ep'?

Juan Talong - Puck you man!!

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