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Brigade road Upping and Downing. Most favourite activity of louche Bangalore youths. Lurking with intent, all the better to evetease Sophia chicks going to Mac Fast.

Procedure: Slouch outside Mac Fast. Pass comments on all the input and output through its front door. When ennui sets in post lunch, put one numbers game of pool at dive next door, whacking the crap out of hapless Irani students. Gaze at cricket bats through window of Hatrick Sports, make random comments about thulping Pakistan in the next Test. Wander up to Rice Bowl, attach yuvarselves to pavement railing thereby creating bottleneck for earnest and god-fearing shoppers who shrink away from your long hairs and Megadeth t-shirts. Saunter down to lech at chicks putting pitcher at Rex. Look longingly at Softie ice cream counter outside Nilgiris but anticipate excommunication from your gang if you do anything so pansy. Cross over to Opera. Make non veg jokes about raunchy poster for Malayalam bluefilms. Slink back. Check out fresh blood outside Mac Fast.



Grover: Come on, I say, let us bunk maths tuition and go for budding. Sophia exams over minns full josh at Mac fast.
Raja: Voho, whatay plan meshtru, send it....
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