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Noun. July 9, 2011, Word of the Day


Step one: Procure a bright orange plastic bucket with steel handle from Chickpet
Step two: Procure one number plastic mug from same shop asking for discount on the strength of having just purchased a bucket.
Step three: Go home and on the geyser.
Step four: Old geyser? Wait one hour minimum.
Step five: Place bucket under tap and fill half with piping hot water. Now run cold water, testing frequently until it is just a little too hot to touch.
Step six: Get nanga and have off one bucket bath! What joy!

Hint: Once you have soaped your armpits and need to pour water and wash simultaneously, you will realize that you have to hold the mug in the same hand as the pit you are attempting to wash and rely on the adhesion between water and skin to dribble the water down the length of your raised arm while you splash and wash with the other.


Uncle: Somu, where are you put up?
Somu (US return): Hey uncle Raj, what's up?! I just got in to the Mahalakshmi Super Luxury Hotel A/C.
Uncle: Ok ok, you leave your bags there and come for breakfast.
Somu: Sure sure. I'll take a quick shower and be there in a jiff.
Uncle: Hehehe... no shower and all at Mahalakshmi. You just quietly take one bucket bath and come. Don't forget to put off the geyser before turning on the water!
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