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Red monster buses that shove their way honking & screaming through the streets of Bangalore. 'Screaming' is what the conductor does, not the bus - stuffs his frustrated head out of the window & screams at everyone to gedddddoutt of his way!!!

Faithful followers of Shri Shri IST. Also available in dabbal-decker format.


Bangalore guide: *pointing to a dirty, crowded BTS bus with the conductor hanging out of the door, screeeeming at the public to gedddout of it's way. At the same time turning around to screeeem at the lumpen element standing & pinching bottoms in the ladice section* cute they are, our BTS buses! Theyve been messing with our lives for so long now, Bangaloreans tend to feel a deep lau & affection for them.
Gora fellow: *incredulously* Really?? Why??????
Bangalore guide: because the sky is so high, and your grandfather told a lie, in 1925.
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