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The hottest dance form of the 80s after the Bharatanatyam. Breakdance involves dressing up like a punk! (Yes it was cool once upon a time) and grooving to break beats in a fluidic, stretchy, breaky style. Breakdance involved a lot of waves (with body parts) and make believe, such as cleaning glass, pulling rope etc which makes me believe it originated with the working class possibly in New York's Afro-American/Latin regions. The dance became hugely popular in Bangalore in the 80s and places like Bal Bhavan included Breakdance into their summer camp offerings!


Dad: Ramesha! Come here man! What nonsense clothes you are wearing I say? And is that a pink feather earring?? Ayyo Rama! Parvati, see what your son is doing!!

Ramesha: Appa, this is cool punk style appa! I'm going for breakdance classes. Our neighbor Soumya and I joined together! Bye!

Dad: breakdance ah? What is that?

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