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Once an element of wise urban planning in Bangalore to foster orderly growth of the city, the Blocks are now just a harsh reminder of how many road blocks need overcoming on your everyday commute between city centre and its southern parts.

Blocks are especially inescapable of notice in Bangalore the most cosmopolitan of cities. Inescapable because, you wouldn't stay for more than a week in Bengaluru and still not pass through Jayanagar, once one of the most beautiful of its suburbs.

Jayanagar consists of 10 blocks( 1 through 9 + 4th T) and has had a composite of both a laid back old worldly charm and flashes of modernity what with the first ever mall of Bangalore (Shopping complex), the first ever drive-in-theater, 100% good roads, lesser crime rates, and a lot of park-spaces for old people and young love birds to spend time undisturbed in a bindas way.

Often looked upon as a model of urban planning by other city governments, the whole of Jayanagar was like one huge promenade till 1990 and now it is like a younger sister of Karol Bagh, Delhi.

In 2012 on a rare day, as you step out of your gate, if you are not hit and hurt by a passing automobile, it's your lucky day and you will win a jackpot if you are into lottery playing.


Old man to not so old: "Come on sir!, where are you now and where we were then? We could walk from 9th block to 1st block and then on to Lalbagh in 20 minutes flat. Now, it takes 45 minutes in my new Maruti."
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