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When the uncles and brothers set up shop in a corner of the house, away from all the ladeej members of the family for a drinking session, the alcohol is always broadly categorized as being either black or white. Black meaning whiskey more often than not while white refers solely to Vodka, something that the younger, modern boys drink. The big bellied, macho uncles like their Whiskey and don't trade it for anything else.

err.. what about wine then? is that black or white? oh wait, wine is a sissy drink, only for the ladeej log in modern families.


Raju uncle (swirling his moustache)- "So, what will you have? Black or white? we have both today."

Vikram (the nephew)- "Uncle, I prefer white."

Uncle (with some disdain in his expression) "Kya white, have black like a real mard."

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