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Bhabhi is basically wife of someone who is almost your age and very well known to you. In movies she is portrayed as an uber respectful woman draped in a 9 yard. Get the picture?

But lately fictional characters like Savita Bhabhi have redefined the Indian bhabhies. Savita Bhabhi will make you believe that Indian Bhabhies no longer have dark underarms and they wear g-strings. They buy tonnes of carrots and cucumbers and their workaholic husbands are least bothered if any man of questionable repute in their hood spends some quality time with Bhabhi.

Bhabhi is very outgoing, open minded and sporty. Plays beach volley ball adjusting her thong, does a bunch of dirty gypsies on the kharagpur platform and helps gloomy college going loners loose their virginity.
This has to end,we should ban comics like Savita Bhabhi which are degrading the image of Indian Bhabhies.Not!.
We all love our Savita Bhabhies dont we? :D


Loner: Bhabhi I want gajar ka halwa.
Bhabhi: :S
(*after an hour)
Loner: Bhabhi I want some more it is so tasty!
Bhabhi: Next time I will make you cucumber ka halwa.

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