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Much respected and coveted award given to exceptionally studious and talented high school/college students the year they pass out.
Students eligible for this award have to be very very good in studies. Good performance in extra-curriculars and sports may also be considered.


Rohit to his college friends: I got 'best outgoing student' award in school...i got cent percent for maths in XIIth board- that too CBSE!! teachers used to love me so much.. (blah blah..)
The thought bubbles cumming out of his friends' heads read:
"soo proud to be his friend!"
"such ey bore"
"soo much head weight"
"simply bullshitting he is! must have been best outstanding student only!"
"when he boasts his mouth slants in a weird way"
Added 2011-10-16 by Kochu kalli