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Besharmi Morcha

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For all those naughty indian uncles, porki fellows, eve teasers and KDs, please give more respect to our beautiful Indian ladice. Samosapedia demands that you be more upstanding and graceful. So today we call attention to one phrase: Besharmi Morcha

Besharmi Morcha is the Indian version of "slutwalk." It means "shameless protest." No no this is not a trivial matter. Nothing to do with shame shame puppy shame. More to do with maintaining dignity and izzat. Today Samosapedia wishes all the beautiful woman of the subcontinent the respect and love they deserve. Today we celebrate Sandra from Bandra. Down down traditional with modern outlook and long live modern with modern outlook.


Sita: Where are you going dressed like that?
Mona: Besharmi Morcha!
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