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BDA stands for Bangalore development authority.A BDA complex is essentially a mall of the olden days.This a place where Govt officespaces are present along with various other shops including Pan shops.A BDA complex houses almost all kinds of shops including meat stalls,vegetable markets,clothes shops,ets.Before the arrival mall culture,this is where we could see people come for shopping,eating,chilling,doving and various other activities.
These complexes are like landmarks.
If you were a kid in the early 90's living in Bangalore,A trip to the BDA complex would enthrall you.
Most of the area's in Bangalore have a BDA complex.
eg- Banashankari BDA complex, Kormangala BDA complex
Jayanagar complex,etc


Wife:yenu andre,evathu aache hogi jolly madona(husband, lets go out and do jolly)
Husband:hoon chinna,BDA complex ge hogonna(yes dear,BDA complex we shall go)
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