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BBB is Bisi Bele Baath or Dal Baath, the famous South Indian rice dish, which is the most complete meal you can ever imagine and get to savor.
It is so complete,it is the only dish in the world which has, carbohydrate, protein, fat, sugar, a lot of micro-nutrients, minerals and vitamins via the ample amounts of vegetables and spices it carries.
With the added advantage of ease of eating, it is fit for the fit and the infirm alike, smoothy-easy for those with teeth and those with none.
You will never get bored with it even if you eat it 3X365 as long as you are prepared to tactfully handle the possibility of more than usual gas let-off from the south-end.
Best eaten when hot(Bisi, in Kannada) with a spoonful or eight of Ghee(clarified or melted butter) thrown on it and some Raitha( Yogurt salad with diced cucumber, tomatoes, and onions).
There is one down side though; you risk the possibility of losing interest in all other food, once hooked on the stuff.


Sham: "I know, Lila you hate the Raos. I do too.
I don't want to go for their brat son's birthday really. But, still I heard they are serving BBB at the party and you know how good those bastards make it.
Let's just go Darling. We will put ten dollars in a nice cover without our name on it and come off! Please Darling!"
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