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Litrally translates to 'spoiled children of well to do parents'. This phrase refers to rich porki children of rich and influential parents. These kids it simms are mostly assholes who drive big cars and think the sun shines out of their asses. They spend their mummy papas money and bask in their reflected glory. The news wallahs hate them and are always present when these aulaads are involved in some shenanigans. They often get busted at illegal rave parties in farmhouses or driving over people sleeping on footpaths.


Saraswati - Look at that Parwati, driving around in her hummer wearing her gucci goggles at night only! And that useless fellow Paneerselvam sitting besides her, i heard he went to LA just to get his balls tattooed on a dare!

Fatihma - Yaar, they are all barre baap ki bigdi hui aulaad ya.

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North India

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