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That foot long detergent, pale yellow or another shade, wrapped in butter paper, advertized on TV, bus-stand walls, local trains, and radio, until the new-gen detergents and Nirma washing powder and other soda ash based products hit the market.

It was the most affordable industrial product in India!

You would cut them in to smaller lengths and sell to your giraks in your Petti Shop.

They were the LAST of the Real Eco-friendly detergents made on this planet. They would remove the stink from your underwear by adding their own oil-mill stink.

Villagers used them as bath soaps too. Actually they are safer on your skin than today's bath soaps minus fragrance. They were all made with vegetable oil based fatty acids.


Ad: " TATA's 501 bar soaps! Beat the dirt with TATA's 501 bar soaps. Buy the whole long bar. Hold one end of the bar soap in your right hand. Place the soaked dirty cloth on the washing stone and beat the dirt with all your muscle power!"
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