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Literal translation for ‘caned’ (Cane = Bamboo and therefore, Caned = Bambooed) However, the usage is not limited to convey the fact that a person has received a good hiding but also that the person has gotten into serious trouble.


Chintu: Did you do your Maths homework?
Ravi: Aiyo, I completely forgot about it!!
Chintu: You are going to get bambooed right, left and centre by Subramanium sir today.

Lawyer A: Did you file your tax returns? July 31 is the last date.
Lawyer B: No yaar, I'll file it later. It's not a big issue...
Lawyer A: Are you mad to take it so lightly? Last year, my friend got bambooed by the income tax department because she did not file her returns on time

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North India

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