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Baingan bharta

\Bain-gun | bhur-taa\
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Refers to a popular dish made by burning an EggPlant (or Brinjal - in desi terms). You read it right!! Burn an eggplant, clean the burnt skin, smash and squash it with both of your bare hands, mix some vegetable oil, Mirchi (Chili), onions, and salt (as per taste) till it looks so horrendous that you would probably loose all intentions to eat it. This slimy little bastard is un-believably delicious and is known in almost all parts of the country. Best suits with steamed rice, roti (or Chapathi/Chapatti - for people who have trouble understanding what "Roti" is), and sometimes can be savored alone.


Oye Chottu!! Yar ek plate makke di roti, sarso da saag aur Baingan da bharta laga dena yaar. Aur, lassi mat bhoolna, samjha! (Hey Chottu, bring me a plate of Corn flour bread, mustard spinach, and Baingan bharta. and don't forget to bring a glass of lassi too)
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