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Phrase. July 13, 2012, Word of the Day


The popularity of this day-to-day phrase was catapulted to superstardom levels by an Asian Paints commercial in the early part of the millennium. An incredibly versatile phrase that puts a positive spin on almost any conversation the moment its brought into use. Surfaces in the beginning of 99.99% of phone conversations with family members or friends (example 1). Alternatively, can also be used to great effect for delivering sarcasm (example 2), envy (example 3) or ignorance ( example 4).


1. Ram: Heyyy, Shyam! long,long time. How's everything man?
Shyam: Badhiya hai!
2.Dad: 2 out of 10 on maths? Badhiya hai!
3. Sunil babu, Naya ghar, nayi gaadi..Badhiya hai!
4. India won the World cup? Badhiya hai!
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