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B-school (short for business school) is where people are taught how to manage a business and its people.
B-school is a glorified way of saying MBA (Master in Business Administration)College.
Going to B-school traditionally meant acquiring a skill-set that would help one's career. Off late, it has become a way to switch fields, and earn quick money. For example, techies joining B-school to become honourable salesmen.
Rote purpose of going to B-school for many is Industry exposure and getting good placement.


Parent :You are finishing your undergrad.Sit for CAT,go to a prestigious B-school.I went to an IIM. It introduced me to various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, etc. It will help me understand my core competencies .It was a total value-add.

Son :Yes,it also taught you to call me a 'deliverable' when I was born.I'm enjoying my Fine arts.Why should I go around selling soaps after an MBA?

Parent: MBA is not about selling soaps.It helps you develop important “real world” skills.Not to forget high CTC.

Son: I give up.

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