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Ancient Indian system of medicinal treatment, with great emphasis being laid on the use of plant-based medicines and ointments.

Though the West regards it to be an alternative, unproven and somewhat inferior system of medicine to their own, many Indians consider it to be superior in it's ability to provide long-term cures from ailments that Western medicine has no solution for. Ayurveda has caught the imagination of the rest of the world in recent years, and Kerala, being the hub of Ayurveda in India, boasts of many Ayurvedic treatment centres that cater to foreigners wishing to explore possible treatments.

Ayurveda treats each human being from the point of view of restoring the internal "balance" of the body, and stresses on a wholistic approach to finding a cure - Yoga, exercise, diet control and meditation are prescribed along with plant-based medicines to achieve success.


Up to 80% of people in India use either Ayurveda or other traditional medicinal systems, and there is a strong belief present in the collective Indian psyche that these more natural treatments do not cause unpleasant side effects in the body.
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