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Aaava = Mustard
Kaaya = Unripe Fruit, usually Mango.
The one thing that binds Andhra and Telangana, is this hot, spicy pickle made with sesame oil, chilli powder and mustard powder. If you have high BP avoid, much too much salt aalso. Red in colour it is, many an immigration and customs official at the JFK airport has been confounded by the sight of a red, oily, chunky substance floating in the baggages of returning from home Hyderabadis, with happy smiles at the thought of a secret stash of pickles. No, no, not missing Hyderabad andi, not at aaal! Made in summers and kept in pickle jars, this side-dish with rice and melted ghee, substitutes for real food at any time for Telugus! It is also a regular topic of discussion and comparison - whose was the best this year? cheppandi! It can lead to family wars, just like the Gongura


Amma to Kanakaambaram : osai, take this kotha avakaya to pinni's, I had her's yesterday, ayiyo! it was so salty, tchaa. Plus her mangoes are not cut many times I tell her...come to me my sister, my mango man is better but no, she will not come to Monda Market, she wants only Raithu Bazaar...okay vot to do, can't force no? She is also using Ratnadeep ready made powders no, how will the taste come? Taste has to come from juices no? Her Mangoes are not at all sour....go go take it..."
Kanakaambaram murmurs to herself (if you stop that tirade I will)
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