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A briefcase made out of plywood, or worse, cardboard, with faux leather exterior. Featured prominently in Bollywood movies and are typically carried by nervous fathers of kidnapped heroines on their way to pay ransom. Can contain money ranging from a few lakhs to crores, though recent movies feature attaches containing top secret CDs. In real life they are carried for big babus and gourment afsars by chamchas or drivers as any self respecting afsar will never carry his ataichi himself. Pronounced Uhtaichee or Ataichi.


Bollywood baddie, "Vijay, bewakoofi mat karo, ataichi neeche phenk do aur haath upar karo. Mona Darling tum jaake ataichi ko apne kabze me karo. Is mein dus karod ke heere hain.
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