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Noun. November 23, 2011, Word of the Day


Want to wish people happy burrday, happy mother’s/father’s/children/teachers’/friendship day and of course valentine day? – Archies greeting card was the one stop solution for expressing one’s feelings, emotion, sentiments and more for the 90’s generation.

They could be colourful, floral, have cartoons, fat babies, pop-ups; some could even sing and emit other sounds when opened and closed– thus catering to every personality type and need.

Laden with lines such as “mountains may fly, rivers may dry but my love for you shall never die”, they were also formidable tools in the game of love played by the young and restless of the 90’s.

Their popularity seems to be waning now with changing times and advent of newer technology but purely for sentimental reasons, keeping fingers crossed that Archies greeting cards stick around for sometime.


Shiv: Reema is damn pissed with me. I forgot to do anything special for our first anniversary!!

Ramu: Chill, why are you taking so much tension? Get her flowers and one of those "love you always" Archies card. Sanju always forgives me for my misdemeanour after I give her one of those.

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