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Don't even think of leaving off the "s" at the end.

Andhervun word beloved of Deccan Herald readers, found only in the Letters to the Editor section. Most commonly used to flag one's own earlier missive (snarkily, if said missive remained unpublished, thereby showing urgency and importance of subject matter and highlighting kirrk of DH editor in not giving it its due), or to hurl invective at article the reader disagrees with.


Dear Sir, apropos my earlier letter of recent date, highlighting growing risk of rabies posed by pie dogs, and questioning shameless behaviour of BBMP officials in failing to tackle this serious ill, kindly do the needful.


Dear Sir, apropos the article in weekend supplement about ladies only buses, I am taking objection to your staff writer's claim that in a growing urban city, such segregation is not required. Your writer is reminded that in culture of eveteasing and loose morals, virtue of our ladies must be sacrosanct. We are not US. This is not foreign. Your writer must please take note of social evils in his own backyard. Kindly do the needful.

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