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The word literally means "just like that" but amongst post 2000 high school students in the Chennai Managaram area, it symbolizes a cultural revolution of sorts. Appidiye continues to mean "just like that" but it can also indicate excitement, awe, awareness and/or an all encompassing exclamation entirely unrelated to the root word.


Traditional Usage

(a) Enna Sar ithu? Appidiye you came, Appidiye you are leaving.
(b) Paaru da, she looks appidiye like Eyeswarya Rai, ille?
(c) ''Mama...notes eduthuko. Appidiye kaiyle snacks eduthuko..''

Pettai Usage:

Ram: Shall we go watch that new Vijay movie in Devi, da?
Shyam: Appidiye!

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