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Is this your father's property? or as our Naarth brethren would say "Baap Ka Maal ?"
An in-your-face response by porki types when a member of the public gently takes them to task for misusing/abusing public spaces or property
Woe to you if you stand your ground and assert such civic society funda like "yes, it is like my father's property, in fact we should all treat it like our father's properties"...
You may be lucky to get away with one tightslap on your "father's property"

Appa: Father
Veedu: House
Sotthu: Wealth/Property


Elder Engle (at the bus stop): Eng bais, please form a queue and let ladice go furstt...
College Porki: Yei Perisu, Bus Stop Un Appan Veetu Sottha? (Hey, Old Man..Is the bus stop your father's property?)
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