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Anna from Anna Hazare.
Lingus from Lingua or tounge or speech.

It refers to the speeches, observations, blogging, tweets or social media reference of or about Anna Hazare.

A phenomenon such as Anna deserves to be set in social history and due to the wide coverage of any words said by the social activist it deserves its own word.


Examples of Annalingus:

Repoter - Our channel has decided to confer Sri Anna Hazare with the title of Indian of the year for 2011 due to his impact on the anti corruption movement and his persistence in bringing a democratically elected government to its knees.

Facebook acquaintance from Minnesota's post - Support Anna in fighting corruption, go to Jantar Mantar and fast!

Anna Hazare - Ek hi mara? (On being told of Sharad Pawar getting slapped)

Kiran Bedi - Manmohan Singh has to listen to Anna Hazare.

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