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One of the great wonders of Indian Chinese cuisine.

Not really a chopsuey, not really American, and most certainly not Chinese. (Actually, what exactly is a chopsuey?)

A red, soupy tomato-ketchup based concoction with noodles, fried noodles, lots of questionable vegetables, some minced chicken (if it's the non-veg version), topped with a fried egg. All this is prepared with a generous helping of soya sauce and ajinomoto to give you that special Indian-Chinese flavour, which stays by your side all through the evening, night and into the next day.

American. Chopsuey.


Streetside Chinese Stall. Greg is on his first visit to Mumbai. He is traveling alone.

Waiter (smiling gratuitously): Sir.

Greg looks up from the stinking laminated menu.

Greg: Chicken Manchurian. What is it?

Waiter: Chicken, sir, Very good. First class.

Greg: And American Chopsuey?

Waiter: Noodles, sir, First class.

Greg gets the drift. He orders the latter.

The rest, he leaves to fate.

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